Gem Affiliation

When people ask me what I do, I like to tell them

"I make the biggest diamonds in the world...

But instead of using the hardest substance on earth,

I use the softest — cloth." - MJ Kinman - Textile Artist



In September 2019, Jayme was able to take a class with MJ Kinman where she was able to learn MJs' skills in

constructing her beautiful gems and has become a certified Gem Affiliate instructor. If you are interested in booking a class, please use our contact form. Her debut of the Birthstone series was very captivating - as everyone has a birthstone and can personally connect to at least one of the beautiful gems.  You may have read about MJ's gem quilts in Quilting Arts Magazine, McCall's Quilting, and Quiltfolk Magazine and you may have even seen her on Quilting Arts TV and The Quilt  with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims.  Now MJ has created patterns that allow all of us to bring a little bling into our lives.  Through her use of color and contrast, MJ has created patterns that will delight your senses and are a blast to put together even for the new quiltmaker.  This isn't your typical foundation paper piecing. Freezer paper templates are ironed to the right side of your fabric and can be easily removed after piecing.  And best of all, these patterns don't require absolute precision, so you can relax and enjoy every aspect of making your gem.  Please go to to learn more about her or

our MJ Kinman page to see all of her products that we are currently carrying. Right now we are working with MJ as part of her Elizabeth Sew Along (A giant 48" princess cut diamond!) - it is a fantastic opportunity that you will not want to miss!